The Yell of Teddie Drake

Teddie Drake is a young swan being raised by a family of ducks. Through communication with his biological family, siblings and adoptive parents he learns that it is okay to feel strong emotions, learns tools for dealing with anxiety, and to love his family despite how it is constructed.

We See the Moon

Book Cover, We See the Moon

Many adult adoptees have gone through life wanting to ask questions about their birthparents. Often these questions remain unasked and unanswered. This book opens the adoption dialog at an early age by allowing the questions to be asked and discussed, creating the foundation for conversations to come.This is a story written from the child’s perspective,… More We See the Moon

What Every Adoptive Parent Needs to Know: Healing Your Child’s Wounded Heart

This remarkable true-life story of raising two adopted children is a tale of hope and resilience, of two parents unprepared for their children s psychological wounds that only time would reveal. Most importantly, it shows that profound healing is possible when adoptive families realize that traditional parenting is not enough.

Where the Sun Kisses the Sea

The story of an Asian child who lives in an orphanage and longs for a home with only a few children and a family. One day he gets his wish and journeys far and long to his adoptive parents across the sea. Soft watercolors paint exuberant children and loving caregivers in his natal country, alternating… More Where the Sun Kisses the Sea

William Is My Brother

Two brothers have the same parents, but one was born to them and one was adopted. Tony, the biological child, tells the story of William’s adoption and of their relationship in a relaxed conversational voice. Like all siblings, he and William are alike in some ways and different in others. Each knows he is special,… More William Is My Brother

You’re Not My Real Mother

After an adoptive mother tells her daughter all the reasons that she is her “real mother,” the young girl realizes that her mother is right, even though they do not look alike. Ages 1-6