Belly Breathe

A picture of the cover of belly breathe

A colorful board book that teaches kids how to take big breaths from their bellies to help calm or soothe themselves.

Maggie Rose Has Asthma

A picture of the cover of maggie rose has asthma

Maggie Rose is a real-life horse who has asthma. Emily is a young girl who takes care of Maggie Rose. Through this book, you’ll see how Emily cares for Maggie and the things they do together.


A picture of the cover of AsthmaKaDaBra

Michael is an active boy who loves basketball, but he fears he may be unable to play anymore when he learns he has asthma. Join him as he meets several asthma-related superheroes who visit him at night to teach him ways to manage his asthma and get back on the court!

I Have Asthma, What Does That Mean?

A picture of the cover of I Have Asthma

This colorfully illustrated book is excellent for young children learning what asthma is. A young boy walks us through his nebulizer treatments and everything he can do even though he has asthma.

What is CRPS?

A picture of the cover of What is CRPS?

This book was written as a helpful guide to help children understand what their parents, relatives, or friends deal with when living with CRPS. This book not only addresses what complex regional pain syndrome is but also gives the reader an overview of what someone with CRPS may use in their day-to-day lives to manage… More What is CRPS?

My Schoolhouse Rocks

A picture of the cover of My Schoolhouse Rocks

Written from the perspective of a homeschooled little boy, we learn all the things he loves about his school being at home. This book can be great for parents to read to their children as they discuss the possibility of homeschooling and what it could look like.

My Brother is Different

A picture of the cover of My Brother is Different

This engaging book helps kids understand what it’s like to live with a sibling with differences. It opens a dialogue about acceptance and is written in a warm and engaging way.

A Day With No Words

A picture of the cover of A Day with No Words

Follow Aidan on his day out with his mom as a nonverbal boy with autism. This colorful children’s book shows you how they communicate using tablets instead of spoken words.

What Happened to You?

Based on the author’s real-life experiences, this book follows Joe at the playground. He’s trying to play pirates when the other kids notice that Joe only has one leg. Queue the question, like “What happened to your leg?” This book teaches young readers that a person’s physical appearance doesn’t matter and that they want to… More What Happened to You?

Different is Awesome

Picture of different is awesome book cover

A little boy brings his older brother, born with one hand, for show-and-tell. The students ask him all sorts of questions about how he does things with one hand and realize that he can do anything they can do, he just does it differently. Along the way, they notice that we’re all different in one… More Different is Awesome