Your Voice Campaign

It’s an opportunity to inform the programs and services that serve us and build strong relationships with the educators and providers in our lives so we can reach the goals we have for ourselves and the people we love.

Finding our voice is a journey, and like most experiences that shape us, it can be messy and imperfect. The key is never giving up. When families and professionals commit to listening and learning with each other, making space and time for reflection and growth, and continue coming back to the table to create solutions together, we all thrive.

TOGETHER, New Hampshire Children’s Trust (NHCT), the Parent Information Center of NH (PIC), and New Hampshire Family Voices (NHFV) are thrilled to launch the YOUR VOICE campaign, a statewide project dedicated to celebrating the critical role family voice plays in shaping services and systems throughout the Granite State.

Family Voice Stories around NH

Our monthly 1-minute videos capture authentic family voice ideas and experiences from NH families and providers. While each video represents a unique perspective, they all show what Family Voice is, why it’s important, and how we build it. Use these videos to start a dialogue in your home or community!

The Family Voice Toolkit

Explore the different ways family voice can reshape your experiences with education, healthcare, and family-serving systems. Find out how to cultivate conversations that build support for the vision and goals you have for your family with this toolkit.

Family Voice Checklist

Use our family voice checklist to determine where you are at on your journey and use it to spark a conversation with those who serve you.

Family Voice Podcast

Our podcasts provide additional perspectives on the importance of family voice. Learn how families and providers around NH use family voice to shape everyday experiences and ensure the programs and services families rely on remain responsive and accessible.

Your Family, Your Voice

Guest Co-Host Robin deAlmeida, Project Director of Communications and Family Engagement at the Parent Information Center of New Hampshire, joins the show to talk about parenting and finding your family voice. And later, Dr. Erik Shessler, Pediatrician with Dartmouth-Hitchcock, discusses the intersection of family voice, the art of listening, and what good health care looks like.

A Two-Way Street

Co-Host Joelyn reflects on her expectations of parenting versus the reality, Nathan plumbs his first sink, and later Michelle Lewis, Executive Director of the Parent Information Center of New Hampshire, joins the podcast to talk parent engagement and the power of listening to families.

Family Voice Engagement Resources

Have you heard the term “family engagement”? It’s a way family-serving systems build productive partnerships with families to support their children. These resources help family-educator and family-provider teams identify the conditions needed to build trust and leverage each other’s strengths for maximum success.

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