NEW Family and Children’s Books related to COVID-19

These are NEW free downloadable and e-books for children and families on aspects of COVID-19.  NH Family Voices has collected and compiled this listing for your easy access. For more titles check our Lending Library listing of Coronavirus (COVID-19)


“Maurice Masked Up” – When a librarian is having difficulty with the children in her class about wearing a mask… Maurice the talking book steps up to give reason’s why.


“Why We Stay Home” – Two medical students wrote this book to help children understand the coronavirus, how to recognize the symptoms and ways to stay safe. Also available in (Spanish), (French), & (Portuguese)



A Kids Guide to Coronavirus – This colorful picture book gives them the answers they’ve been looking for, explaining what the virus is, how it spreads, and what they can do to help, in gentle and simple language that even the youngest kids can follow. Also available in Spanish, Portuguese, & Romanian



“Dave the Dog Is Worried About Coronavirus” – Nurse Dotty the owl helps Dave the Dog understand COVID-19 and eases his fears.



“Bray Bray Conquers The Coronavirus” – This installment in the Adventures of Bray Bray empowers kids to do their part to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.



“We’re Going To Be OK” – Two doctors wrote this book geared toward children of color as they navigate the pandemic.



“What Color Is Today?” focuses on the way the pandemic can impact people emotionally.



Rainbows In The Window – Meet Amos and his mom. They’re sheltering at home. Find out how they use their imaginations and huge hearts to bring their neighborhood together. And how you can too.



“The Germ That Wears a Crown” – This coloring and activity book aims to help kids cope with the stress and uncertainty of 2020.




“Princess Black, Case of the Cornavirus”  Comic book style.




“Stay Clear, Stay Clean, Stay Kind”SpottyWot and DottyWot, have just arrived back on Planet WotWot and the Kiddets want to throw them a ‘Welcome Home’ party. But wait! What if their heroes have brought sneezes back from planet Earth! The party will need to wait as the Kiddets learn three important ways to take care of their heroes and themselves: Stay Clear, Stay Clean, Stay Kind. Also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and Hungarian.

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