Maneuvering Through the Maze in Spanish

NH Family Voices would like to announce a newly updated Maneuvering Through the Maze, A Family Resource Guide for families having children with Special Health Care Needs/Disabilities. Now also available in Spanish:. Maniobras a través del laberinto Guía de recursos de NH Family Servicios para familias de niños con necesidades especiales de atención médica o discapacidades 2019.

This guidebook is formatted to take the reader from birth to adolescents transitioning into adulthood with listings of state health and human services agencies, educational resources, private associations and organizations that serve people with physical, developmental, mental health and chronic health conditions and their families. We have also added organizations and services that can be accessed by all state residents, such as housing, childcare, etc. All links within the document are hot linked for easy access.

If you would like a hard copy of the resource guide please call (603) 271-4525 or Email to or use the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website. The resource guide is free to families but to offset printing and postage we hope you will consider a donation of $15 to assist us with ongoing printing.

Posted in on October 3, 2019