Refurbished Equipment Marketplace

The Refurbished Equipment Marketplace is a centralized depository of previously owned assistive technologies that have been donated, refurbished and made… More Refurbished Equipment Marketplace

Yvie’s Closet

Yvie’s Closet is a ministry devoted to supplying children in need of Durable Medical Equipment. Their mission is to re… More Yvie’s Closet

Loaner’s Closet for Durable Medical Equipment

Located in Londonderry, NH, Loaner’s Closet offers used medical equipment at no cost. Each item donated has been evaluated, accepted,… More Loaner’s Closet for Durable Medical Equipment

Joseph’s Closet

Joseph’s Closet maintains an inventory of durable medical equipment (DME) which is provided free of charge to individuals in need,… More Joseph’s Closet