State Action Plan for ASD/RDD Released

After completing the State Plan action steps needed to be identified. Growing Supports and Services for Autism and other Related Developmental Disabilities, State Action Plan Workbook 2017, represents a unique perspective in the development of action steps. The workbook format allowed for each plan to have a similar outline while being specific to the group that helped to create it. These plans are meant to be fluid documents, being worked on as stakeholders have the ability and funding. Our goal was to have the plans created so they could be worked on as they align with stakeholder group missions or initiatives and the work would continue throughout the state. Some action plans specifically addressed the growing need for cultural and linguistic competence; whether specifically stated or not, it was the intention that all action plans would be culturally and linguistically appropriate. Finally, some areas overlap, in these areas we referenced the over-laps as much as possible. For more information click here.

Posted in on September 1, 2017